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What’s the use (and different types) of Chisels?

A chisel is a tool, which is used to carve or cut a hard material like stone, metal by hand or wood, etc. Typically featuring a characteristically shaped cutting edge at its end, for the purpose of cutting these above mentioned hard materials, the Chisels are of several types.

There are several chisels, which are made of metal or of wood featuring a sharp edge in it.

Various types of Chisels

Depending on the shape, the chisels have been classified into various kinds. The chisels are made of wood or metal and most prominent among the famous are below:

Firmer chisels

The firmer chisels have gone through a changing period over many years with the beginning focusing on the way it was made. The firmer chisels initially were understood among the chisels that were made of solid steel construction in place of steel laminate.

These firmer chisels bearing square edges and handles made of hardwood were used for the hard task of woodworking duties. However, with changing times, these started to feature solid steel and starting featuring flat blade without a bevel.

Considered among the oldest type of modern chisels, it is a perfect tool to create joints with the perfect 90-degree corners.

Bench chisels are the ones, which are considered all-rounders in the family of chisels. A bearing medium length blade with a straight/beveled edge and also having an impact resistant handle.Bench chisels

These chisels have the cutting edge angled at around 25 degrees and 30 degrees and feature tang or socket style fitting.

Butt chisel 

Based on the functioning, these butt chisels are primarily used for the purpose of installing hinges and butts to the doors.

 The blades are short in size and since they sharpen so much, only a few inches of its blades remains. These are both straight-edged and bevel edged types.

Paring chisel 

Paring Chisels are the ones, which bears the long, thin blade which is connected with a tang to its handle. Serving for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of finishing or neatening up of joints, these paring chisels have the cutting edge angled at around 20 degrees and 25 degrees.

These are available in two varieties; one is the straight, while the other is the beveled.

Corner chisel

 Having a medium length blade, the corner chisels have a cross section shaped in the form of 90 degrees V. They serve the purpose of cutting grooves and in tidying up square corners.

Dovetail chisel

 Just like the name, these dovetail chisels serve the purpose of finishing jobs of dovetail joints. With a long thin blade featuring a beveled edge and a honed cutting edge at around 20 degrees and 30 degrees.

 These are useful for cleaning out and sharpening up the edges of the interlocking joints of those joints.

Mortise chisel

A Mortise Chisel features the thick blade and is specially designed to sustain prying. Since they serve the purpose to cut mortise joints, they are named after it. They feature the cutting edge at an angle of around 30 to 40 degrees.

Framing chisel 

The framing chisels are the ones, which are straight or beveled edge and have the longer, wider and thicker bladed chisel. At an angle of around 25 to 30 degrees, these are widely used for the purpose of boat construction and in other activities like timber framing jobs.

Slick chisel 

The oversized chisels, Slick Chisels are used for the pairing off thin slivers of wood from the workpiece and has a long, straight edged bladed with the cutting edge at an angle of 20 to 25 degrees.

Chisels with cranked handles

Chisels with cranked handles are named since the handles are offset from the line of blades. This offset handle allows you in holding the entire blade on the work surface, thus preventing the fingers from getting damaged.

Always remember that chisels are never sharp when you first buy it. You need to make it sharp and you must work upon the newly bought chisels for around 15 minutes in order to make it in the working condition.