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  What happens if I Overfill my Skip?

If you are planning on conducting building work in your home or garden, then the odds are that you will need a skip. There are various rules and regulations surrounding skips, but one rule that confuses many people is that of overfilling. Below we explain how to fill your skip correctly, what will happen if you overfill it and why it is important that the skip is filled correctly.

How to fill your skip

The first thing you need to acquaint yourself with is the size of skip and how much waste it can hold. As a general rule, do not fill your skip past the lip. Another good tip, which may sound obvious, is that you need to make sure that you get the correct size skip to meet your needs. Most skip hire companies stipulate that the waste material cannot exceed the skip walls. If in doubt, it is best to check the rule with your skip hire company,

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What happens if you overfill your skip?

Well, several things could happen. The driver may ask for you to remove the extra waste before he can lift, load and remove the skip. Another option is that he may refuse to take the skip because it is deemed unsafe to do so. A final option is that he may take the skip but that you will be fined due to the excess weight. Therefore, to avoid any of these scenarios, it is best to not overfill your skip.

The reasons why you should fill your skip according to the rules

So, why is it so important that your skip is not overfilled? Well there are several reasons for this that includes the following:

Safety A skip that is full to the brim with bits of wood, metal and other sharp objects, is quite frankly a danger to others. Pedestrians can hurt themselves when passing the skip, and if the debris falls into the road, then drivers are also put at risk.

Unsightly for neighbours If you live in a busy street or other built up area, then a skip that has been overfilled is an eyesore. Your neighbours will not want to look at the skip and there is also the added danger, as mentioned in the point above.

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Legal requirements Every skip has a fill line, so that you comply with the law. If your skip is overfilled you may be fined, or as mentioned, the driver may refuse to take it. If the skip is on the road for longer than your permit allows, once again you will be fined, resulting in mounting costs. So, do not overfill your skip.

Filling your skip to the right level is incredibly important, not just for safety reasons, but also to comply with the law. Ensure that you get the correct size skip and if in doubt, discuss your needs with the skip hire company.

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