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Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models

When you’re tired from all the stress, heat and humidity in the city and just want to cool it off at home, a fan may not be your best choice. Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and as a result, the Air-conditioner was developed in the late 90’s to overcome all these kind of distress.

The average number of people using AC’s is increasing day by day on account of issues like global warming, heat waves, etc. Voltas Split AC is of one the leading AC brands in India.

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Voltas Split AC Review Summary:

Voltas is one of the oldest names when it comes to air conditioner manufacturers, and is also one of the most famous brands in India. Voltas is basically famous because of its low-priced AC’s and also because it has more sales ona middle-class category of consumers. Voltas also offers basic functions in their air conditioners and are not much full of features and complex to use, unlike other brands like Hitachi and Onida. Voltas was awarded the “Reader’s Digest Gold Trusted Brand Award” in 2010 and accorded “Power Brand Status” on 2011 as well.

  • Cooling effectiveness: It has a high torque compressor which is very helpful for giving fast cooling effect for your space.
  • Build quality: The quality of products used in building the overall body of the AC is good, and there is no feeling of regret whatsoever in buying a lower price AC.
  • Appearance: Recently Voltas has improved their Split AC look, and in fact now, the sales have risen and gone up ever since. Voltas introduced a new series of AC’s called Vertis which are looking really good as well.
  • Power consumption: With the improved compressor quality and power efficiency with time, the power consumption is also substantially low, especially when we compare it to brands like LG, Hitachi,
  • After sales service: Voltas has been felicitated with many rewards in the recent years, which show that it is one of the most trusted brands in the industry among consumers.

Features ofVoltas Split AC:

  • Anti-dust filter, hydrophilic aluminum IDU Coil with inner grooved copper tubes.
  • IDU with thechampagne color panel, auto restart mode, and sleep mode, turbomode quick cooling.
  • Remote with glow-light buttons and dual function temp display.
  • Air vent with across flow vane for less noise.

Some of the best Voltas Split AC Models and their Respective Prices:

  • Vertis Classic (0.75) –Rs. 18,390
  • Vertis Classic (1) – Rs. 22,990
  • Vertis Classic (1.5) – Rs. 28,490
  • Vertis Classic (2) – Rs. 33,490
  • Pride (1.5) – Rs. 34,990
  • Vertis Pearl (0.75) – Rs. 22,790
  • Vertis Pearl (1) –Rs. 31,490
  • Vertis Pearl (1.5) –Rs. 35,990
  • Vertis Pearl (2) – Rs. 42,490
  • Vertical Elegant-S (1) – Rs. 30,990
  • Vertical Elegant-S (1.5) –Rs. 35,490
  • Vertical Elegant-S (2) –Rs. 43,990

Voltas ACis one of the most trusted brands in India today. Voltas has some amazing reputation in the major metropolitan cities as well. If you are looking for a well within budget air conditioner with some great features, trust me Voltas is the way to go! So go ahead, get you very own Split AC today!