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Three Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen (and a bonus)

If home remodeling is in your future, then you the kitchen is probably constantly on your mind. Indeed, the kitchen is one of the top home remodeling projects, mostly because it offers the most promise of a return on your investment. When you make upgrades to your kitchen—even the slightest ones—you might be surprised how much easier it makes selling your home, if that is something you decide to do in the future.

And it is true; you can make simple and small changes to your existing kitchen and give it new life. For example:Image result for Three Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen (and a bonus)


Cabinets are made of wood. Wood ages.  Over time, then, it might seem that you need to replace your cabinets. However, if they are just old (and still completely functional) you might find it is easier on your wallet (and you back) to simply resurface your existing cabinets, instead of replacing them entirely.  Add a fresh coat of paint, too, and they might just make your Divine cabinetry look as good as new.


So, while you are resurrecting your existing cabinets and cupboards you might also consider simply removing the old hardware and installing new ones. In this case, the term “hardware” refers to knobs and hinges.  Yes, you can actually increase the value of your kitchen by improving the aesthetics through something as simple as new hinges and door handles.


If you do have the money, though, you might prefer to replace your counter tops instead of your cabinets.  A new counter top adds not only more beautiful and life to a kitchen, but it can also make your kitchen more functional.  Most homes are built with default materials and this usually includes a composite, plastic, vinyl, or other material.  These can get dirty (and even moldy, yikes!) and look dingy.  On the other hand, if you spend the money on marble or granite or quartz, you get something that not only looks incredible, but also something upon which you can cut food and place hot pots.  These textiles do not burn easily—nor do they scratch easily—but, in some cases at least, you may have to apply a seal at least once a year.

If, however, this is a little beyond your budget, a more affordable alternative might be adding a kitchen island.  This actually gives you a little more variety, too.