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The Lifespan of Common Household Appliances

Being a homeowner puts a lot more responsibility onto you and makes you realize how essential some home appliances are. When you first buy a home, you’ll get a selection of home appliances. It’s important to have an idea about how long each appliance is supposed to last before you need to consider replacement. This way, you can have a better idea of what kind of investment you’ll need to make before moving into a new place.


A high-quality refrigerator should last at least 10 years. If you invest in regular maintenance and take good care of your fridge, it could be around for as long as 13 years. Your refrigerator’s lifespan depends on the size of your household and how much it’s used and abused. Service technicians recommend that fridge owners clean off the coils once or twice a year to extend the life of this essential device.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

Your HVAC unit is another pricey appliance that will impact your finances if you need an unexpected replacement. The average HVAC user may not need to replace the unit for 20 years. Taking time to complete regular maintenance can extend your HVAC’s life a few more years. If you skip all recommended maintenance tasks, expect to need a replacement in about 15 years.

Washer and Dryer

Many homeowners purchase their washer and dryer at the same time, and if you have a pair around the same age, you’ll probably need a new set after 13 years. Keeping your washer clean with vinegar or bleach can help make it last a little longer. Your dryer needs to have the lint trap cleaned out after each use to make it work more efficiently.


Your furnace is another key appliance in your home that can help make your rooms more comfortable during the cold weather months. A quality furnace should last around 15 years if you give it the right amount of preventative maintenance care. If you’re trying to decide between furnace repair versus replacement, consult with a professional, such as Wagner Mechanical, for advice. Your contractor can take a closer look at your furnace and tell you how many years it has left.

Range and Oven

Years ago, ranges and ovens lasted for decades. Today’s modern appliances are not as sturdy, so you’ll go through several of these models during the lifespan of your home. Gas ranges tend to last about 15 years, and electric models may give you a little less time, with an average lifespan of 13 years. It’s essential to keep your range and oven clean and free of damaging grease stains.


Dishwashers are similar to other common appliances on the list, lasting an average of 13 years in a typical household. The key to keeping your dishwasher working efficiently is to regularly run it. This can help reduce the chance of damaging mold or mildew forming inside of the unit. You can help your dishwasher work better by cleaning the seals regularly.

Your stock of home appliances has a limited time of working at their peak. When you buy a new model, be sure to get into the habit of performing maintenance and keeping it clean to make it last.