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IIT JEE Preparation Strategy For 2018

JEE Advanced or IIT JEE is the toughest entrance exam in India. It is a national level entrance exam for admission to the premier engineering institutes in the country – the Indian Institutes of Technology. There are around 11,000 seats in the 23 IITs. Every year, around 2 lakh students are selected to appear for JEE Advanced. The level of competition is very high.

JEE Advanced exam tests the students not only for their academic proficiency and knowledge of the subjects. They also test for other skills like analytical skills, presence of mind and situational intelligence. To crack JEE Advanced, one should concentrate on their overall development, which includes, apart from academic knowledge, time management skills and exam-taking strategy.

Students who are appearing for JEE Advanced (IIT JEE 2018) should pull up their socks and formulate a well-defined, smart study plan.

  1. Set your goal: It is always good to have a goal. It helps in staying focused. Ask yourself, which college and which branch do you want to get into?
  2. Create a realistic timetable: Maintaining a timetable helps to keep your study organized. Allocate time for every subject based on your strengths and weaknesses. Allocate some time for revision and entertainment too. Do not study for long hours.
  3. Start from the basics: Unless you have a clear understanding of your basics, you won’t be able to understand and solve the more advanced questions. JEE Advanced questions, sometimes, mix two-three concepts together. Solving such questions needs a clear understanding of the basics. Start off with the NCERT standard books of Class 11 and then Class 12.
  4. Practice once you have finished a chapter: Regular practice is crucial to preparing for any entrance exams. JEE Advanced practice papers should be solved regularly. Mark the questions which you find difficult to answer for later revision.
  5. Take full-length mock tests: Try to finish the entire syllabus in the first six months. After that, takeJEE Advanced 2018 mock tests regularly. Assess yourself from your performance in the tests. Identify the main areas where you are lagging behind or making most of the mistakes. Work on them. Taking tests also helps in building stamina and boosting your confidence.
  6. Revise regularly: Revise the whole syllabus. Special emphasis should be given to the chapters, concepts, topics, and even the questions you found difficult to understand or solve.

Cracking JEE Advanced 2018 is all about smart work. Embibe’s personalized guidance helps students to formulate a smart study plan that guarantees score and rank improvement.