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Emergency Plumber in Chicago Offers Invaluable Services to Homeowners

Regardless of whether one is facing an emergency plumbing problem or merely requires home maintenance for his or her plumbing system, a professional is the best person for the task. This is because untrained individuals often run into difficulties when attempting repairs or maintenance projects for which they are not qualified. This is especially true in the case of complicated plumbing systems where certain pipes are difficult for homeowners to access. Sophisticated networks are typically more expensive to fix than their standard counterparts as well, which is also a good argument for placing repairs and maintenance in the hands of a licensed contractor.

Maintaining a Plumbing System

Proper home maintenance should always include plumbing issues, as consistent maintenance of pipes and fixtures is the best way for property owners to avoid frequent repairs. A licensed plumber can ensure that such tasks are being completed at proper intervals and that the repairs are made in a timely manner.

If problems in a home’s plumbing system are neglected, a vast array of negative scenarios may occur, such as the development of mold and mildew, frozen and burst pipes, electrical fires or structural damage to the home.

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For instance, a burst pipe may allow water to reach locations where electrical wires are found. Similarly, pipes that feature no insulation may freeze, causing an additional set of problems. Numerous complications of this kind can be avoided, however, if the homeowner makes sure that a qualified plumber is called whenever repairs and maintenance are necessary.

DIY Projects to Avoid

Some property owners enjoy completing DIY projects. However, certain plumbing systems have fixtures and components that feature a complex design. For this reason, it is usually not wise to try to complete such repairs without the assistance of a professional. 

Whether a homeowner can complete repairs without the help of a plumber depends on various factors. These include the age of the home, the complexity of the problem and whether or not there is a chance of encountering asbestos. In previous decades, systems were quite simple and operated on little more than gravity. Modern systems on the other hand may feature complicated designs or a zigzag pattern that untrained individuals find challenging.

Depending on the dwelling’s age, encountering asbestos may be a possibility as well. Homeowners should never attempt to repair or maintain pipes that are insulated with asbestos, as they do not have the equipment and protective apparel to work around hazardous materials.

Burst or Frozen Pipes

Frozen or burst pipes rank high among numerous detrimental emergencies a homeowner may face: water flowing from broken or ruptured pipes quickly makes its way from the original problem area to other parts of the home where the water ultimately damages personal belongings, ceilings, floors, appliances and furniture. 

Things That Cause Burst Pipes

Many times, pipes burst due to excessive pressure. This may be the result of extreme temperatures, such as when uninsulated pipes freeze during winter or a blockage somewhere in the system that restricts the flow of water and eventually ruptures the pipe.

Clogged Drains and Faucet Leaks

Even clogged drains and leaking faucets are matters that should never be ignored. Minor problems can quickly become serious in nature if not addressed in a timely manner. Small leaks that one is tempted to ignore can end up causing major problems if not dealt with for a significant length of time.

Fortunately, an experienced emergency plumber in Chicago can remedy essentially any plumbing issue that arises for a homeowner. Ultimately, placing such problems in the hands of an insured and licensed contractor is the best way for any property owner to enjoy a satisfactory outcome when plumbing work is needed.