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Choose the best  toilet for home

Toilets can be found in many shapes styles and colors. Vitreous china or porcelain is the standard material and very durable, and easy to clean. The sleeker the base, and the fewer the crevices, the easier it will be to maintain a clean appearance.

White is the most common choice and a very good one while choosing a toilet. White will not go out of style any time soon. Toilets are also available in colors if that is your preference, but it will raise the price.Toilets come with the tank and the base as one unit, or you can get a model with the base and tank as separate units. Choosing a one-piece unit will save money. This is heavier to move around and place, but two people can handle the job with a fair amount of ease. So, do choose the toilet according to your requirement and then go forward with it.

Smaller scaled toilets are available for very small bathrooms, and there are also space saving cornet models:

Low-flush toilets

If you are remodelling and replacing a toilet, quite probably your old toilet is a water hog.

Federal law requires new toilets be manufactured to use much less water. This may be an adjustment for you, but can result in a substantial savings on your water bill.

Older toilets may use between 5 and 7 gallons of water for each flush. Multiply this time the number of flushes in a given day and you have a lot of needless water usage.

Gravity toilets

The standby gravity toilet has been improved and requires less water for flushing. Steeper and narrower bowl have been implemented to achieve this. Consumers are reported to be much more satisfied with the 1.6-gallon toilet than the 1 gallon unit which often takes two flushes to clear the bowl. Choosing a toilet can be easy if you know about them.