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4 Harmful Insects That Can Be Driven Away by Home Sealing

Owning a home can be a joy, from enjoying your beautiful backyard every weekend to letting your imagination soar when it comes to painting and décor. However, these feelings can be quickly spoiled when insect pests find their way into your home. Some of these bugs are not only frightening to encounter but can deliver a painful bite or sting as well. If you are a homeowner waging a battle of the bugs, then you may want to consider home sealing as a way to keep harmful insect species out for good.

1.     Ants

There are nearly one thousand ant species in North America and while many are harmless, some can invade your home and once they gain a foothold, they can be almost impossible to eradicate completely. Most ant colonies send out soldiers to find food, and once they enter your home, they can invade your pantry and almost every room in your house. Larger species, such as carpenter and fire ants, can deliver a painful bite or sting when they feel threatened, which may pose a threat to children and pets.Image result for 4 Harmful Insects That Can Be Driven Away by Home Sealing

Home sealing can be an effective way to keep all species of ants outside where they belong. The sealing can block all means of entrance for these tiny pests, including gaps under doors and minute cracks in your basement walls. When ants cannot find their way into your home, they will look for food elsewhere.

2.     Spiders

While spiders are not technically insects and belong to the arachnid family instead, they can invade your home in their dozens once they find a food source and a warm place to make their webs. While most species only occasionally find their way into a house, there are a few species that enjoy living indoors, such as the common house spider. While most spiders are too small to be dangerous, there are a few North American species, such as the wandering brown recluse and the black widow, that are venomous and pose danger to humans.

If you are dealing with a spider infestation, sealing your home after having it treated by a professional extermination company is one of the most effective ways to avoid reinfestation. If you live in an area where venomous spiders exist, then sealing your home might be especially necessary. Sealing holes and cracks, especially in attics and basements, can prevent spiders from entering your home.

3.     Wasps

There are thousands of species of wasps in the United States, and while they each build their homes differently, they all have one thing common, and that is the painful sting they are capable of giving you if they feel their nest is being threatened. Unlike honeybees, which are beneficial and die upon stinging someone, most wasps are aggressive and can sting an unlimited number of times. If you accidentally stumble upon a nest, they may swarm and could cause you serious harm. Small children and pets are particularly at risk.

One of the benefits of home sealing is that it can make the exterior of your house an unsuitable place for wasps to make their nests. When your home is sealed, this can drive away the insects that wasps prey upon, such as flies, spiders and even other types of wasps. When you remove their food source, wasps will look for other places to make their nests.

4.     Termites

While termites do not pose an immediate threat to people, these wood-eating pests can quickly destroy a home with their feeding. They can weaken walls, wooden support beams and even your home’s foundation. Once the damage is done, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Sealing your home can keep these insects from gaining a foothold in the first place.

Insect pests can cause a real headache for you as a homeowner. However, having your home sealed can keep them outside where they belong.